Download Resume / Full CV (Updated Feb. 08, 2023)

I am an aerospace engineer devoted to the advancement of future space systems.

Note My first name, Heekun (희건) is pronounced as if “He’s gone,” yet without ‘s. HE-GONE

I am a research scientist at Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory (FDCL) led by Prof. Chang-Hun Lee and Min-Jea Tahk, at Department of Aerospace Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). I am currently developing an embedded convex optimization software for the development of several novel aerospace guidance and control systems, such as the landing guidance of the reusable launch vehicles.

I was an associate GNC systems engineer at Satrec Initiative, Co. Ltd, a Korean manufacturer of satellite systems for civil and commercial space applications, since 2019. In Satrec Initiative, I propeled the development of the Attitude Determination and Control System for Satrec Initiative’s Earth-observing satellite systems. I was a primary developer of the Flight Control Software for the SpaceEye-X satellite system, which is in orbit since Jul. 2022.

Before joining Satrec Initiative, I obtained a master’s degree from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. (Spring 2019, Advisor: Professor Min-Jea Tahk) I also received a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering, with the highest honors. (Spring 2017, Summa Cum Laude) During the period, I was also a recipient of the KAIST Presidential Fellowship.

My primary research interest includes:

  • Novel Space Systems
  • Systems Design and Developement
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control Methods for Aerospace Systems
  • Real-Time Trajectory Optimization
  • Sequential Convex Methods